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Minyan Attendance

We welcome everyone, members and non-members alike, to participate in all Mizrachi services including all of our Minyanim. However, to ensure eveyone's safety and our continued compliance with COVID related guidelines, registration is mandatory for attendance at any Mizrachi service. Please see details below regarding registration for Minyanim at Mizrachi.

Weekday Minyanim

Mizrachi has Shacharit, Mincha and Ma'ariv Minyanim each day of the week at the following times:


  • Sunday: 7.00am / 8.00am / 9.00am
  • Monday and Thursday: 6.20am / 7.00am / 7.30am
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 6.30am / 7.00am / 7.30am

Mincha and Ma'ariv

  • Sunday - Thursday: ~10 minutes before Plag HaMincha.
  • Sunday - Thursday: 9.30pm (Ma'ariv only)

To register for any of these Minyanim, please go to

Shabbat Minyanim

Mizrachi has a number of Minyanim each Shabbat for Kabbalat Shabbat, Shacharit and Mussaf and Mincha (including Seuda Shlishit and Ma'ariv after Shabbat).

To register, please go to

Tue, 11 May 2021 29 Iyyar 5781