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Rabbi Dr Alan Kimche
Senior Rabbi, Mizrachi Organisation

Born in Melbourne Australia, Rabbi Dr. Alan Kimche studied in Israel for 10 years, attending Kol Torah and the Mir Yeshiva in Yerushalayim, and learning with Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach zt”l, Rav Chaim Shmuelevitz zt”l and Rav Yehoshua Neuwirth zt’’l. He later gained a Ph.D in Philosophy & Jewish Law from London University, with his thesis on “Kavod Habriyot: Human Dignity in Talmudic Law”.

Rabbi Kimche served for 35 years as the Founding Rabbi of the Ner Yisrael Community in Hendon, N.W. London, building it into one of the most successful Modern Orthodox communities in Europe. He ran many innovative adult education programs, launched the first Lunch & Learn program in London offices, and was responsible for establishing the N.W. London Eruv.

Rabbi Kimche and his wife Via made Aliyah in April 2019, living in Yerushalayim, until arriving in Melbourne in March 2023.


Rav Jonny Brull
Assistant Rabbi, Mizrachi Organisation

Originally from London, Rabbi Jonny Brull made Aliyah and studied at Yeshivat Har Etzion for over a decade, during which he served in the IDF through the Hesder program. After returning to Yeshiva, Rabbi Brull joined the Kollel Halacha and received Semicha from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel as well as from Rabbi Zalman Nechemiah Goldberg zt”l and Rabbi Mosheh Lichtenstein shlit”a. He subsequently studied in the Yeshiva’s Kollel Gavoah for advanced Talmudic study.

Rabbi Brull received a B.Ed. (High Distinction) in Hebrew Language and Torah Shebe’al Peh from Herzog College, and studied for an M.A. in Jewish Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He arrived in Melbourne with his family in 2021 as Mizrachi’s Rosh Kollel Torah Mitzion, whereby he gives numerous shiurim throughout the community each day and is an active member of the Rabbinic team at Mizrachi.

In 2023, Rabbi Brull was appointed as the Assistant Rabbi of the Mizrachi Organisation. 


Dr Michal Kaufman
Rosh Midrasha, Kollel Torah MiTzion

As the Rosh Midrasha, Dr. Michal focuses on promoting and facilitating women's learning. Her passion lies in teaching and studying Tanach.

Dr. Michal's teaching career began at Moriah College in Sydney where she later become the Director of Jewish Studies in the Primary School.

In pursuit of further knowledge and growth, she and her husband spent a year in Israel, living in Jerusalem. During that time, she participated in the Senior Educators Program at the Hebrew University and studied at Matan Women's Institute for Torah Studies. Dr. Michal also had the privilege of attending regular shiurim with Nechama Leibowitz z”l and Rabbi Mordechai Breuer z”l.

For a decade, Dr. Michal served as the Head of Jewish Studies at Mount Scopus College.
Her dedication to empowering women through Torah learning led her to her current position as the Rosh Midrasha, where she continues to foster a vibrant and enriching environment for women's study and explore of Jewish texts.

Dr Michal holds a PhD in Education from Monash University.

Reb Leor Broh
Manhig Ruchani, Beit HaRoeh Minyan
Reb Chezkel Deren
Rabbi, Kehillat Ohr David
Rabbi Mark Steiner
Rabbi, Elsternwick Jewish Community
With grateful thanks also to...

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