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Beit Yehuda (BY)

The Beit Yehuda Abrahamovits Synagogue is Mizrachi's first and main shul and is one of the Melbourne Jewish community's most vibrant places of worship.

Comprising nearly four-hundred members, Beit Yehuda - as it is commonly known - is the heart and soul of the Mizrachi Organisation.

Under the close guidance of Rabbi Dr Alan Kimche, ShacharitMinchah and Ma'ariv services are conducted on a daily basis, whilst community services marking special occasions are also held in the shul.

The week-to-week running of the minyanim is the domain of Beit Yehuda's gabba'im, Michael Bruce, David Brykman and Robert Nossbaum. These individuals ensure the smooth conduct of proceedings and are familiar with the milestones of each and every member of the kehillah.

One of the focal points of services is the thrice-weekly Torah reading, performed by our highly acclaimed ba'alei k'riyah.

Visitors attending Beit Yehuda can be assured of a warm welcome and we invite you to experience our services for yourself.


In addition to its regular minyanim, the Beit Yehuda Abrahamovits Synagogue also plays host on Shabbat to the hashkamah minyan, which is known for its especially respectful approach to prayer and learning. The hashkamah minyan generally commences at 7:30am and concludes by 9:30am, in time for the start of the main minyan.

The hashkamah minyan is a friendly minyan that has hosted a small number of barmitzvahs and aufrufs in recent years. Many of the mitpallelim contribute in various ways, whether as chazanimba'alei kriah or even delivering shiurim when the regular Maggid Shiur is away.

One of the highlights of the hashkamah minyan is its weekly Shabbat parashah shiur following davening, currently delivered by Rabbi James Kennard. The shiur, which is accompanied by a kiddush, has been one of the central features of the minyan for almost fifty years and is always well attended.

Beit Haroeh (BHR)



Beit HaRoeh is a vibrant Modern-Orthodox shule and one of the longest standing minyanim wihin Mizrachi. It comprises some 200 members who enjoy davening together in a congenial and relaxed atmosphere.

Established in the 1980s, Beit HaRoeh was the product of the amalgamation of two minyanim - 'Sha'arei Mizrachi' and 'Young Marrieds'. The new minyan took its name from a Hebrew acronym for HaRav Avraham HaKohen (Rav Kook). Most of the founding members are still involved with the shule, which has been growing ever since. It prides itself on being a place of warmth and hospitality, where regular mitpallelim and visitors alike are warmly welcomed on a weekly basis.

Beit HaRoeh is led by Reb Leor Broh, a learned and inspiring spiritual guide. R' Broh delivers numerous shiurim every Shabbat and activately engages the members in learning.

Kehillat Ohr David (KOD)

Ohr David is Mizrachi’s newest minyan, established in 2015 for young families, couples and singles. Aimed at the late 20’s-30’s age group, this minyan welcomes men and women interested in being part of a young, warm community within the broader modern Orthodox, religious Zionist Mizrachi family. The shule's establishment is the result of a decision to merge the form Beit Midrash ( Bogrim) Minyan and Nachlat David Minyan.

Ohr David is named after Danny Pollak z”l, a committed member of Mizrachi who passed away before realising his vision of creating a minyan for the post-university age group.

The minyan has an intimate, vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, numbering about 150 members. It operates on Shabbat mornings and chagim. Ohr David is lead by Rabbi Chezy Deren. Tefillah is followed by a delicious weekly kiddush, which is a great avenue for making new friends or catching up with old ones.

We also put on functions throughout the year, such as a Friday night dinner, Shabbat lunch, Purim party, Chanukah party, picnic in the park, bowling night, Simchat Torah Dinner and BBQ. Rav Chezy Deren also gives a shiur in his home on a weekly basis.

For more information and upcoming events check us out on Facebook.

Bnei Akiva (BA)


The Bnei Shul is a youth minyan run on Shabbatot and chagim for the madrichim and chanichim of the movement. For years, it has been an integral part of the Bnei experience, as each new generation is inducted into the minyan and eventually takes on its leadership.

The Bnei Shul offers young people invaluable opportunities to acquaint themselves with the inner workings of a minyan, and to hone their skills as chazanim, ba’alei tefillah and speakers. Many of the tunes that are synonymous with the Bnei experience are learned in the Bnei Shul, and, from a personal perspective, the opportunities for participation and involvement in the minyan contributed to my own love of and connection to the movement.

The Bnei Shul is always looking for new ways to involve and engage the community’s youth, with new initiatives especially desgined to bring in younger, pre-bar/bat mitzvah aged children. Such initiatives include partnering young kids with madrichim for an hour during the chagim to familiarize them with the davening, as well as a new program where children read out a synopsis of the parasha to the whole minyan before laining on Shabbat morning.

We look forward to many more years of inspiration, excitement and involvement with the community.

Elsternwick Jewish Community (EJC)

The Elsternwick Jewish Community (EJC) is a dynamic group of vibrant individuals, coming together to share their passion and curiosity for all things Jewish. We run services every morning, prefaced by coffee, cake and bit of chumash at 6:15am. In addition to regular Shabbat services, we run a monthly Feature Friday Night as well as a weekly Memorable Morning Service followed by a hearty kiddush.

We welcome you, no matter your age, gender or life story. We have a kids service for the young, 'The Wick' for the teens and a variety of fascinating classes and discussions for all ages.

Welcome to your family.

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