Hashkamah Minyan

In addition to its regular minyanim, the Beit Yehuda Abrahamovits Synagogue also plays host on Shabbat to the hashkamah minyan, which is known for its especially respectful approach to prayer and learning. The hashkamah minyan generally commences at 7:30am and concludes by 9:30am, in time for the start of the main minyan.

The hashkamah minyan is a friendly minyan that has hosted a small number of barmitzvahs and aufrufs in recent years. Many of the mitpallelim contribute in various ways, whether as chazanim, ba'alei kriah or even delivering shiurim when the regular Maggid Shiur is away.

The organising of anything that relates to the hashkamah minyan every Shabbat morning is the responsibility of its renowned gabbai, Dr Menachem Broner. If Menachem is out of town, Dr Peter Kloot and David Lindell act as stand-in gabba'im.

One of the highlights of the hashkamah minyan is its weekly Shabbat parashah shiur following davening, currently delivered by Rabbi James Kennard (previously by Rabbi Hillel Bick). The shiur, which is accompanied by a kiddush, has been one of the central features of the minyan for almost fifty years and is always well attended.


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