Bnei Akiva

The Bnei Shul is a youth minyan run on Shabbatot and chagim for the madrichim and chanichim of the movement. For years, it has been an integral part of the Bnei experience, as each new generation is inducted into the minyan and eventually takes on its leadership. The Bnei Shul offers young people invaluable opportunities to acquaint themselves with the inner workings of a minyan, and to hone their skills as chazanim, ba’alei tefillah and speakers. Many of the tunes that are synonymous with the Bnei experience are learned in the Bnei Shul, and, from a personal perspective, the opportunities for participation and involvement in the minyan contributed to my own love of and connection to the movement. The Bnei Shul is always looking for new ways to involve and engage the community’s youth, with new initiatives especially desgined to bring in younger, pre-bar/bat mitzvah aged children. Such initiatives include partnering young kids with madrichim for an hour during the chagim to familiarize them with the davening, as well as a new program where children read out a synopsis of the parasha to the whole minyan before laining on Shabbat morning. We look forward to many more years of inspiration, excitement and involvement with the community.




Mizrachi's Child Protection Policy can be found here.