Beit Yehuda

The Beit Yehuda Abrahamovits Synagogue is Mizrachi's first and main shul and is one of the Melbourne Jewish community's most vibrant places of worship.

Comprising nearly four-hundred members, Beit Yehuda - as it is commonly known - is the heart and soul of the Mizrachi Organisation. Under the close guidance of Rabbi Yaakov Sprung, Shacharit, Minchah and Ma'ariv services are conducted on a daily basis, whilst community services marking special occasions are also held in the shul.

The week-to-week running of the minyanim is the domain of Beit Yehuda's outstanding gabba'im, namely, Michael Bruce, David Brykman and Robert Nossbaum. These individuals ensure the smooth conduct of proceedings and are familiar with the milestones of each and every member of the kehillah.

One of the focal points of services is the thrice-weekly Torah reading, performed by three highly acclaimed ba'alei k'riyah - Geoffrey Bloch, David Lindell and Moshe Landau, each of whom accomplishes their task in a perfect and seemingly effortless manner.

Visitors attending Beit Yehuda can be assured of a warm welcome and we invite you to experience our services for yourself.



Mizrachi's Child Protection Policy can be found here.